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The type of evidence that sways an English instructor may not work to convince a sociology instructor.

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Imagine that you are explaining the concept to a friend and making an argument for why you agree or disagree with this concept.Try reading your paper out loud or reading it backwards one sentence at a time.In their courses, they want you to engage in similar kinds of critical thinking and debate.Once you have thought up some counterarguments, consider how you will respond to them—will you concede that your opponent has a point but explain why your audience should nonetheless accept your argument.

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One great way to support your thesis is by using examples that you draw from personal experiences or that you create.Remember that the author of every text has an agenda, something that he or she wants you to believe.Your next section could offer clear reasons why undergraduates have as much or more right to attend an undergraduate event as wealthy alumni—but this information would not go in the same section as the fan support stuff.

This final assignment is designed to involve all of the main skills that you have learned during this course.Subscribe to Newsletter receive discounts and special offers.

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Having a solid understanding of the concepts covered in your readings is essential to create an effective paper.You can also think of your audience as a person who has some knowledge of philosophy, but who does not have the same understanding as you do.

You can also make an appointment with your professor if he or she is willing to provide feedback before you submit the paper.For guidance on formatting citations, please see the UNC Libraries citation tutorial.

Simply highlighting a text is good for memorizing the main ideas in that text—it does not encourage critical reading.Otherwise, your professor may consider your argument to be less effective.The Trouble with Argumentative Essays An argumentative essay might seem very easy to write at first.This means that you have to fully understand the concepts that you read about and you have to do some philosophy of your own to respond to these concepts.We all use argumentation on a daily basis, and you probably already have some skill at crafting an argument.

Therefore, if you introduce a special term or concept, you will need to define it for your audience.Contact our custom essay writing service to have your argument essay paper written.

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SECTION 9: HOW TO WRITE A GOOD ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY The Minimal Five-Part Structure of a Good Argumentative Essay Writing the Introduction Writing the.If possible set aside your paper for at least three days, but keep in mind that even setting aside your paper for a few hours before you revise is better than nothing.With philosophy papers, it is best to use quotes from the text only when it is absolutely necessary.Writing a good philosophy paper takes time and careful planning, so make sure that you begin working on the assignment as soon as possible.Did you present them with lots of instances of your past trustworthiness.

It is usually better to consider one or two serious counterarguments in some depth, rather than to give a long but superficial list of many different counterarguments and replies.Do not add or leave out any details that might provide you with an advantage when you start to evaluate the philosophy.

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Information about how fan support raises player morale, which then results in better play, would be a better follow-up.You can often use more than one type of evidence within a paper, but make sure that within each section you are providing the reader with evidence appropriate to each claim.

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Writing in a flowery, overly complex way will not make you appear to be more knowledgeable about philosophy.

The 100 essay questions have been reworded and are organised under.The Shape of Reason: Argumentative Writing in College. 4th ed. New York: Longman, 2005.If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know.You have to have the strong personal opinion on the topic you are planning to discuss in your argumentative essay.

Try to begin developing your ideas for your philosophy paper as soon as you get the assignment.You will need to develop a point of view on or interpretation of that material and provide evidence for your position.You have to consider what position you can back up with reasoning and evidence.It is better to write in your own voice and use simple, direct language to get your point across.