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Scientific Instrument Museum at Humboldt State University, Richard A.Publishes fundamental studies in all phases of inorganic chemistry.

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Plastics Historical Society, London: includes a section on people and polymers.Intute history of chemistry links: part of Intute, an on-line service to Web resources for education and research.Before there was chemistry, there was Alchemy (at Cannizzaro Archive at the Italian National Academy of Science (in Italiano): contains documents, letters, and biographical material.NEW CHEMWEB MEMBER BENEFIT: Publishers Select - Free Selected Full Text Articles ChemWeb members now have access to selected full text articles from Chemistry.So, you think you might be interested in learning some Chemistry.

The Newton Project manuscripts and archives including alchemical and theological writings (at Sussex University).Publishing the Philosophical Transactions: Exhibit at University of St Andrews.It was the kernel of the calendar in Classic Chemistry. Prof. May also maintains a calendar at the Chemical Society of Washington.

Some Useful Sites for Chemistry Students and Professionals: Main Chemistry Page.Covers chemistry, its laws, processes, applications and subdisciplines in hundreds of illustrated articles.Site includes a bibliography and other links for philosophy of chemistry.On this website, you will find an array of useful information to help you make the most of your time in the laboratory classes.

This tutorial contains: Reviews of introductory topics and example problems in each topic. Practice.The time-saving online video lessons in the Biochemistry unit discuss the chemical structure of a variety of molecules which form the building blocks of organic life.Named Things in Chemistry and Physics: John Andraos, York University, Toronto.Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, UK: on-line exhibits.Find instructions for chemistry experiments and learn about chemical reactions.The time-saving online video lessons in the Acids and Bases unit explain the properties of acids and bases and explore reactions between acids and bases on a molecular level.

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It includes descriptions and definitions of many pigments past and present.American Chemical Society Division of the History of Chemistry (HIST).

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Here are the top 15 Most Popular Science Sites ranked by a combination of continually updated traffic statistics.The time-saving online video lessons in the Atom unit discuss the structure of atoms, the particles of which atoms are composed, and the interactions between these particles at the subatomic level.

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Mallinckrodt Outline of the History of Chemistry originally compiled by Norris K.Several large digital library projects have significant holdings in older chemistry books.

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Rediscovery of the Elements: articles on several elements and their discoverers by James L.Links for Chemists, the Chemistry section of The WWW Virtual Library: links to a large variety of institutional chemistry sites (universities, industries, organizations) as well as many content topics within chemistry.

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Chemistry is a branch of physical science that studies the composition, structure, properties and change of matter.

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The time-saving online video lessons in the Introduction to Chemistry unit provide a basic overview of chemistry and cover topics which, while not unique to Chemistry, are necessary prerequisites to the study of Chemistry.Women Chemists in the National Inventors Hall of Fame: includes video of some of the inventors and their associates.A Dictionary of Obsolete Chemical Terms by Jon Eklund, transcribed by John Park and posted at the ChemTeam site.Joseph Priestley Online: collection of Priestley resources and bibliography compiled by Andrew Harris.History of Drugs, maintained by Walter Sneader, University of Strathclyde.Additional, these videos discuss uses for acids and bases such as buffers and the equilibrium systems.