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The green building movement had actually started in the 1970s, after the raw materials and oil prices began to rise sharply.

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Green architecture is a breakthrough in human history, Green Architecture is more a more advanced way of building,.Bauhaus Design School, the origin of modern design, for some, is synonymous with the greater term modernism.Green architecture, philosophy of architecture that advocates sustainable energy sources, the conservation of energy, the reuse and safety of building materials, and.Green Building Handbook: A Guide to Building Products and their Impact on the Environment.Investigate the goals and features included in green building design.Green buildings are designed, constructed and commissioned to ensure they are healthy for their occupants.

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Sustainable Buildings Canada works with government, agencies, utilities, and market stakeholders to shape and implement energy and environmental policy.

The field of Green Architecture is a natural result of global pressures on our environment and natural resources.Consequently, potable water should not use for irrigation or sewage.Secondly, as original buildings use the energy and produce waste, green buildings could produce energy by themselves and reuse the waste to minimize the pollutant.This thesis, by its parts, presents a full vision about green architecture, green buildings, and the opportunity to apply this architecture in Lebanon.

Green architecture is a method of design that minimizes the impact of building on the environment.In modern communities, healthy environment is the foundation of our daily lives.

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Enjoy proficient essay writing and custom writing services provided by professional academic writers.According to Yeang and Spector, green design is based on four principles, the green principle, the grey principle, the blue principle and the red principle, which aim to reduce contamination to the environment, recycle waste and reuse energy.The green principle is the principle about interconnecting natural areas and buildings.Vertical planting is a technique that uses different resources to allow plants to extend upward rather than grow along the surface of city.

The concepts about green architecture can generally be organized into several areas of application.

Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC) was established in 2002 in Toronto in collaboration with the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA).Deborah Huebert ENVS 1115 July 20, 2014 Green Architecture and Sustainability Green.This assignment will firstly explain the principles of green design, then show several applications of these principles and finally evaluate the contribution of these principles to society.

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Architectural elements like courtyards, clusters, wind towers, roof.Green architecture, or green design, is an approach to building that minimizes harmful effects on human health and the environment.The blue principle is about the water cycle which should be designed to close the loop, which means that try best to reduce or reuse waste water.In German and Sweden, numerous buildings are designed with large dimensions but amiable, moderate and comfortable.Sustainable design Nowadays all the globe is passing through an environmental crisis as a consequence of the social and economic unconsciousness of people.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.The last principle of green design is the red principle, which is a principle of serving human communities directly.Essay Green Architecture Green architecture is an approach to building which has become more popular in the last 25 to 30 years.