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His father was also his mother because she passed away when giving birth to Napoleon.These treaties led to another one in March 25, 1802, this treaty was the Treaty of Amiens which was interrupted by the war with England.Free college essay sample and essay example on one of the most popular World history topics: Napoleon Bonaparte and French Revolution.He also made peace with the Roman Catholic Church by the Concordat of 1801 and reformed the legal system with the Code Napoleon.Prussia quickly turned against France and was joined in a coalition by Britain, Sweden, and Austria.

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In addition to an attempt to expand the French Empire, Napoleon sought to bring political and social stability to France during a period of revolution and war.This was ironic because this showed signs of being a monarch after he got rid of the monarchy.

From there on he came to be one of the most successful and brilliant military leaders of all time.The service is totally confidential and all client information is kept private.

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Napoleon had himself crowned emperor in 1804 and proclaimed king of Italy in 1805.Soon for his achievements, Napoleon Bonaparte was made a General Brigadier of the French army in 1794.That is why he proves to all of us that we can be as great as we want to be.This could have been his downfall as a leader at times it seemed like he was to greedy and wanted to much for his country this is what led to his demise as a leader.After the indecisive battle of Borodino, Napoleon entered Moscow, but the winter and lack of supplies forced him to begin a disastrous retreat that became a rout after his troops crossed the Berezina R. in late November.

The French Directory was overthrown by the coup of 18 Brumaire, and the Consulate which History Place describes as a form of the French government that is much like our presidential cabinet, was set up with Bonaparte as first consul, or dictator.He finished his training and joined the French army when he was 16 years old.He led this coup like a natural born leader rallying the troops together to convince them that this was the best for them as an army as well as a nation.Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769 in Auaccio on the Mediterranean Island of Corsica.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Napoleon Bonaparte Hero Or Tyrant.

I chose Napoleon Bonaparte because he is one of the greatest military leaders that has ever lived.Napolean made a series of reforms to improve the government, economy, and lives for French citizens.The year before he went to school at the age of 14, France had annexed Corsica, so he went to French schools.But every single one of his accomplishments led him to wanting more, which is when everything began to go wrong.Due to Napoleon losing his father at such a young age him only being 15 he was thrusted into the spot as the head of the family.The victory of the Battle of Marengo was always considered one of his greatest achievements, had again put Italy under Frances control.Napoleon thought it would it would mainly hurt the British economy, but he was wrong and it ended up hurting.Napoleon Bonaparte Essays: Over 180,000 Napoleon Bonaparte Essays, Napoleon Bonaparte Term Papers, Napoleon Bonaparte Research Paper, Book Reports. 184 990 ESSAYS.Yet his talents lay not in originality but in his stunningly innovative adaptations of military strategies and tactics developed in the eighteenth century and during the Revolution.

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Britain, Austria, Russia, and Sweden formed the Third Coalition against him but Napoleon crushed the Austrians at Ulm and won his most brilliant victory at Austerlitz over the Austrians and Russians.

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Napoleon created a Civil Code in 1804 which also helped stabilize French society.

A military officer named Napolean Bonaparte successfully defended France.He was the fourth, and second surviving, child of Carlo Buonaparte, a lawyer, and the appointed assessor of the judicial district of Ajaccio in 1771. (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2002).

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Napoleon Bonaparte was, indeed, was a man with a purpose, a leader with the intention to defeat and conquer, gaining control and authority so that his goals and.In 1804, Napolean ordered an election and the French people voted Napolean emperor for life.


Before the Code France had very little if any true laws or regulations.